Monday, October 8, 2012

Movie Review: "Friends Like These" by @JasonFiggis100

Hello everyone! Kim Krueger here with my first review on Tom H's Blog of Horror! 

So I had the pleasure of viewing FRIENDS LIKE THESE; a short psychological horror film. I loved it!

It stars Bernadette Manton ('A Christmas Carol') and Laura Way ('Anton').
The film has music by acclaimed composer Moby.
The film was produced by Jonathan Figgis ('A Christmas Carol', 'Blood') and was filmed, written and directed by Jason Figgis ('Railway Children', 'A Christmas Carol')

Kim's Thoughts:

This short without a doubt has the potential to be a full length film. I would love to see how the characters would be developed if given more time to do so. The story and atmosphere of the film grasps and intrigues you throughout right until it's ending. Overall, I thought it was a awesome idea, well executed and I certainly enjoyed watching. Jason Figgis has talent without a doubt. I look forward to more work by him.