Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Bird with a Broken Wing" by Cameron Cloutier - @ObnoxAnonymous


The 10 year reign of terror that has never been resolved will be brought back to life in a chilling film called “Bird with a Broken Wing”. The film will be written and directed by Cameron Cloutier; the movie will be based on the life of Janelle Lisa Cruz, the last known victim of the Original Night Stalker. Cameron has enlisted the help of “Friday the 13th” Film Composer, Harry Manfredini to write the music for the film. This film will bring about the most chilling and unnerving parts of a story that has been relatively untold regardless to there being 50 rape victims and around 12 murders to this psychopath’s credit.

Cameron hopes that this movie will not only assist in possibly bringing the Original Night Stalker to justice; he hopes that it will increase the awareness regarding the statute of limitations involving rape. 

I have had the pleasure of speaking with Cameron regarding the film and I really would love to see people support him so he can achieve this goal. This movie will be about a story that really should be told!

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