Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meet The Lady Bruins Part One: Victoria Vertuga @VictoriaVertuga

"Merry F@#$ing Christmas"

Christmas Horror Anthology

“Merry F@#$ing Christmas” Christmas Horror Anthology will be four 20 minute segments featuring four really awesome and gruesome tales for the most wonderful time of the year!!

Segment Title
"The Lady Bruins Christmas Slumber Party"

 “The Lady Bruins Christmas Slumber Party” Plot: 5 young women who get together every year around Christmas time for a white elephant gift exchange. But this year all of the ladies receive the same gift...Terror!!


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Today I had a phone interview with the awesome Victoria Vertuga; Victoria is from San Diego, California and now resides in Los Angeles, California. She has some horror film experience; one to mention is a web series called Friday The 13th: The Obsession. While she enjoyed doing horror films she has interest in Psychological Thrillers as well but overall she prefers to do Comedy. She told me that she would like to do a television show; as a matter of fact she is going to be doing some work on Days of Our Lives, a day time soap opera. This interview originally was going to be a typical question and answer interview but after starting the interview I chose to just have a conversation with her. It was great to have a conversation with someone that seems very humble and grateful for the opportunities she has been given. She is very funny and a lot of the conversation was surrounded by laughter; so I was very pleased with how it turned out.

I did ask some specific questions and I will list them: (these are not actual quotes; they are based off her answers)

TH: What can you tell me about your part in “The Lady Bruins Christmas Slumber party?” 

Her character name is Jazzy, a woman that is very trendy and social. Her character is fun loving and enjoys partying,  her and her friends get together every year to have a get together and exchange gifts; this year everyone gets the same gift - TERROR! - Did you think I was going to give you a lot of information or something? Sorry! You'll have to wait for the official trailer!

TH: Do you have any other projects you are currently working on?

No movie names, but she is working with the same Director's that she worked with on Friday The 13th: The Obsession, Timothy Whitfield and Rydell Danzie. One of the movies will be more of a slumber party type massacre film while the other will be a Vampire (Ala Dexter) film. 

TH: If the Zombie Apocalypse were to happen and you had to pick three people to be with, who would they be?

Strategic Answer: Will Smith due to his good looks and ass kicking ability, Personal Trainer for additional ass kicking ability and Dean Koontz for his intelligence!

Pure Ass kicking Answer: Jack Bauer (the character on the TV Show 24), Chuck Norris and Jack Reacher (Featured character in 18 novels written by Lee Child).

I recommend everyone check out Victoria Vertuga's work in previous films as well as keep an eye out for her upcoming projects. I promise you that you will be as impressed with her as I am. Be ready for more interviews with the rest of the cast from "The Lady Bruins Christmas Slumber Party" segment of "Merry F@#$ing Christmas"!

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