Monday, September 24, 2012

Books By Author Michael Pugh @ProjectsOfPugh

Being a vampire brings with it certain advantages; strength, speed, immunity to disease, immortality... But, being a vampire comes at a terrible price. What would actually being a vampire do to a person? What changes would all of that knowledge and power make to the vampire's mind? What does a vampire leave in its wake? The Liverpool Vampire tries to explore and answer those questions, showing how a vampire might develop, how they might operate, how their relationship to humanity would alter over time. The novel also shows the other, human side of the vampire adventure - the story of the victims.

Ever wanted to know exactly how the zombie extinction event could happen for real?

Michael Pugh, a long-time zombie fan, wrote The Undead to try to give answers to two things about zombie films and books that had frustrated him for years. The Undead would definitely be a social look at how people would really deal with living under the threat of zombie annihilation, so it would look seriously at how society would really react to such a Crisis, and not just be another survivors’ tale. It also would not be an action-adventure, nor would it use zombies as an allegorical vehicle to make some other point. It would be about life in the zombie Crisis, nothing else. The second and biggest frustration was that many zombie works had tended to gloss over how the zombieism itself works, so The Undead includes a fully realised virus in two stages, that affects the living and the dead, with a full explanation of how the contagion is spread, how it creates and maintains the zombies, how it was created in the first place and how it came to be released into the world.

When a sneaky, festive, extra-marital tryst ends in a double murder and suicidal bloodbath, you can be certain that there will hell to pay.

Charles, for his sins, finds that he's been accepted for an eternal stay in the luxurious office buildings of Hell. The only people in all of Hell who seem to care are Charles' co-worker, Jocelyn, and a demon taxi driver called Pudenda. Can Charles make sense of it all before Hell grinds him down to a terrified, quivering mess, or will he just keep his head down?

Admin Is Hell is a short novel about life, sin, the afterlife, belief and doing the right thing. The story follows the journey of possibly the most unremarkable and insignificant sinner in all of Hell as he struggles to understand his job, his surroundings and the meaning of everything that is. Charles is not the man for the job.

Admin Is Hell is not suitable for children and contains scenes of fantasy violence, foul language, murder, rape and horror. And, well it's set in Hell, so it's not for the easily offended.

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