Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sandra Lindsay! Spirit Medium!

I have had this planned for a while now but life has had me really busy with my family and work. I am pleased to feature a very interesting person that I enjoyed getting to know. Her name is Sandra Lindsay and she is a Spirit/Medium. The following is part of an interview I conducted with her and some images that she caught while communicating with spirits.

Sandra Lindsey has been sharing and exploring her gift with others for over 25 years.  She has been using her abilities to give people the possibility of understanding more about themselves and linking them to their loved ones in spirit.

Recently I have started Spirit Communication adventures with some of my clients and newcomers. We started in a home where I knew there was activity. I had reports that the owner of the home had experienced being physically awakened from sleep to the sensation of being choked. She reported feeling a heaviness on her that caused her to feel physically unable to move.  She reported being unable to breathe, and experiencing terror as a result. She was unable to make any sound or to move in any way. She could not awaken her husband who was beside her and slept through the experience.

After visits to the home I had detected the presence of 2 spirits, one grounded meaning he was rooted to the property and area by choice and the other, a female spirit was in visitation, meaning she came and went from the property.

I set up infrared cameras and had a gallery of clients and friends, including the homeowners. I ruled out the spirits that naturally accompany the people, and I focused on the male and female energies. In these Spirit Communication adventures, people can participate as actively as they want by focusing their energies with me to assist the spirit to break through the scientific barriers, or people can just sit and observe.

On the first night of the use of the equipment, many orbs were present and corresponded to the questions asked of the spirits.  The male energy stayed upstairs in the house, and we monitored him with cameras placed in the upstairs spare bedroom and hallway.

The female spirit wanted to actively communicate. She communicated the following to me:  She had been a previous owner of the property and had to leave the home as she could no longer manage the stairs due to a medical condition. She missed the home dearly and would return to do routines that she had missed before her death. Her energy was most strongly present in the kitchen.

I was able to get a conversation going with her about her recipes, her life before her medical condition forced her to move, her love of her cat and what her observations were about the owners.  When I asked her to create a sign for me, I requested she do so in a bold movement. I told her about my website and my work with my clients, and asked her to do something that I could post on my website for people to see to explain what it was that I did when I interacted with spirits.

The gallery of people were stunned when she displayed the glowing white light that appears in the pictures (I am sending 2 photos to you in a later email). As we sat stunned by her power to create such a magnificent light in response to my request, we all knew that we had seen something we could not easily explain. We had tried to explain it away as a moth or as a trick to our eyes, but we knew it had been incredible. It was a direct response to my request, and a stunning gift from the spirit world!

My Spirit Communication continues at that residence as the male spirit was more elusive. Having died of a suicide and, in spirit still filled with regret and fear of passing over into the purity of white light, he may be the person responsible for the night terrors of the homeowner.   As of last week, the homeowners had a guest that had not known the history of the home. She stayed overnight and in the morning made the exact same report to me that the homeowner claimed. So, my work there continues.

I could go on for a long time, but for space and flexibility purposes I chose to conclude as follows:

Where can folks found out more information?

I would encourage readers of your blog to visit to learn more about the Universe from a Medium's perspective. I have exercises, spiritual reflections, testimonials, information on my paranormal investigations and spirit communication adventures as well as resource information on using magic as part of your everyday life.

The overall spiritual perspective I believe in above all else is that we are all connected, living and dead. Our connections add value to our lives, our spiritual lessons and our physical existence. We are blessed with the ability to choose how we treat each other and how we perpetuate energy in the Universe. No matter what language we speak, what cultural norms we practice, what religion we follow or what philosophy we ascribe, we are all capable of living spiritually in a Universal way that encourages positive and loving connections between us as we lead our lives.

Here are some of her images she caught from her spirit communications!