Friday, January 6, 2012

Devil's Elbow: Part One by Tom Highway (Jason Lorah)

Today was one of those days, one of those days where you wake up and you just know you’re fucked. My alarm went off and I didn’t hear it, I woke up on my own about twenty minutes later to find out that I was fucking late for work. I am a security guard at the local Midwestern Bank in a small town called Devil’s Elbow. I quickly scrambled around to grab my uniform and get it on, of course not pressed and wrinkled to hell but hey, I had to get to work. I opened my door to a sight that I could not explain. Everyone was gone…
Part 1
My name is Marcus Tucker, I am thirty three years old and I am recently divorced. My wife and child live about four hundred miles away and I rarely see them. I work long hours and on most days when I am not working I am pretty fucked up. I drink a lot okay? Anyway, I’m getting off the subject here, nobody was outside and I didn’t see one car go by on a normally busy street. The Rogers live next door and about this time of day Jennifer Rogers hangs out her laundry to dry, I mean this is every damn day but today she is not outside. There weren’t any kids at the bus stop but of course I was running twenty minutes behind schedule. I get into my car and back out of my driveway. As I’m heading down the street I still haven’t seen anyone driving or walking on the sidewalk.
Twenty minutes pass and I am pulling into the bank parking lot, no cars in the parking lot and it appears as if the bank is still closed. I get out of my car and walk up to the door but I see nobody, at this point I am getting fucking scared and my ass don’t get scared that easily. I’ve seen some pretty bad shit in my life and sleep like a baby. I’ve seen movies like this, people vanishing into thin air without any real explanation. This isn’t the movies, this is real shit and I am apparently the only survivor around within miles. I wasn’t good enough to have a companion to go through this shit with? A million thoughts rush through my head as I walk back to my car, is there some monster killing everyone? No, there is not one drop of blood on the ground, is there some virus killing everyone and turning them into zombies? No, not one dead body lying around and there would be some sort of clue. I mean hell the movies show wrecked cars and burning buildings and shit when a zombie apocalypse happens.
I find myself driving down every street seeking signs of life; luckily I spot something that appears like a person. I pull up beside a small woman about mid-twenties, she looks at me frightened but relieved at the same time. I roll down my window and shout “Hey! I thought I was the only one left! Do you need a ride?” The girl hesitates before responding “I am not sure whether I should get in the car with you, hell I don’t know what did this..” Before she could say another word I hear a huge noise coming from down the road ahead of us. A noise that sounded like a howling “Get in the car!” The girl looks at me a little scared.. She then decides it’s the wiser choice so she gets in the car. I slammed the gas down and did a 180 in the middle of the road heading back the direction I came from.
“What was that?” she screamed.
“I don’t have a fucking clue!” I said with a shaky voice.
The sound chilled me to the bone, I still couldn’t understand how something that sounded like that didn’t leave bodies lying around, and hell better yet where was the blood? I remembered a friend of mine lived in what they call an earth home, a home that is built mostly underground. I figured this was the best place to take shelter and get a defense against whatever that thing was that made that noise.
“We need weapons..” I informed the girl.
“Fuck yeah we do!” she said scared out of her mind.
I turned down Fourth Street and stopped at Pawn City; we got out of the car and hurried over to the door. Then I thought about the tire iron in my trunk so I rushed over to the car and opened the trunk and grabbed it. The girl waited patiently by the door as I came up beside her and evaluated the best approach of entry. Fuck it! I started bashing the window to the left of the door causing the alarm to sound. I helped the girl into the window and she unlocked the door from the inside. When I entered the pawn shop I ran as fast I could over to the guns, grabbing everything I could find and telling the girl to find the ammunition. The girl was searching every cabinet that she could find before heading into the stock room.
“Bingo!” she yelled.
I ran back there and grabbed a box that was lying on the floor; we filled up the box then headed back to the car. We heard the howl again, so we loaded the car and got the hell out of there. About fifteen minutes later we pulled up to my friend’s house, the girl looked at me as if she was not sure about going in. I shrugged my shoulders..
“This is our best shot for the night unless you have a better idea.” I said..
“No this is fine.” She said as she chewed on her fingernails.
We got out of the car and headed to the front door, I found the key under the flower pot that my friend left and I unlocked the door. As soon as we were inside and with the door locked I found the radio and turned it on.
“If you are listening to this, I am letting you know that I have seen some fucked up shit.” A voice said on the radio.
“Find a place to hide because these things are everywhere, I am locked tight in the station but I am not sure how long it will take for these things to find me.” The man said with a slight nervousness.
“My friend’s thought shooting them in the head would stop them but it only pisses them off. We did manage to stop a few by running it over; I would imagine we broke its legs or something. I am not sure when they arrived or what other weaknesses there are so be careful my friends. I am in Salem if you guys can get to me, 402 North Elm Street!” The man said before the transmission cut off abruptly.
I sat there with questions left unanswered.. What are these things? Not a description at all, I would like to know what I’m up against. For now I guess we’ll sit here and board up the windows until I can find out..