Monday, November 21, 2011

Revenant- Deaths Doorstep by Rhodri Jones

I am lookiing to fund a re-shoot of my latest no-budget independent horror shortRevenant. 
“With a bunch of homemade weapons a radio comrade and a bitter hatred for the un-dead, Van is ready to destroy the vampires he has tracked down and put an end to their path of pain, death and destruction”
The original film was created in a 48 hour time frame for a short film competition, this meant a lot of scenes were shot in minimal takes, corners were cut on makeup and prosthetics, and the final edit was rushed.
The film didn’t have enough time to reach its full potential which is unfortunate because I believe the idea does have a lot of potential visually and in the narrative .  Rewriting the script has proved that. On completion of the original film I immediately began a rewrite adding greater elements of danger, biggerfight sequences, improved dialogue, story enhancment and a lot more gore.

The film is based on how my imagination would run riot as a young boy after watching films such as Dusk till Dawn, Evil Dead andLost Boys.  My mind would be filled with these ideas of how I would face off against evil beings, how I would creatively destroy them and be the hero; all the while using crazy homemade weapons that managed to save me just in the nick of time.
I plan to use the funding to hire out and build equipment needed to give the film the cinematic look it deserves: Camera, dolly, lights, sound equipment, blood pumps, props, prosthetics, professional makeup. I also need to feed my cast… and blood is not cheap on the black market!!
On my digital effects team is Dean James. On Revenant he added the day to night grading effect, for  the reshoot he will be working alongside me to create and control the digital effects, which there will be plenty of. Deans Show reel
I am doing what I can to get the ball rolling on the reshoot; Rehearsals, choreographing the fight sequences, running through digital effects and sketching out storyboards. Anything productive so that when I get the green light we can jump right in and get to work as soon as possible.  I hope to sell the film once its completed and has been screened at a few festivals.
I want to show the classic evil vampire isn’t dead and buried; I want to rekindle that feeling of horror for those who grew up with the type of vampire who wants to rip off your face … rather than hold your hand!

Here is a link to his fundraising page: