Sunday, January 16, 2011

Top 5 Scariest Horror Characters

Pennywise (IT) - Probably one of the main reasons ANYONE hates clowns. Everyone I know with that phobia blames this movie!

Freddy Krueger (Nightmare On Elm Street) - Anyone that looks like that who can kill me in my sleep would scare the absolute shit out of me! Freddy to me isn't really scary, it's the thought of what he could do if he were real.

Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) - Being part of one of the best slasher movies in film, Leatherface was one of the scarier characters. What made him scary was the fact there could really be someone like that  in the world.

The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers) - Every 23rd Spring this thing comes back to feed on people! You can't really kill him because if you blow his arm off he'll just take the arm of an innocent victim to replace his own.. Can't wait for the next movie to come out!

Jack Nicholson (The Shining) - Potentially one of the best movies to ever be made in this genre. Jack was awesome!