Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Horror Anthology "The Dark Tapes" (2016) breathes some life into the Found Footage Genre!

The Review of

“The Dark Tapes” is a four part Anthology that has some really great stories that are told without any spoilers or predictability.  The stories center specifically in the realm of the Supernatural and that keeps this film from bouncing around ridiculously like most films of this type.


The 4 Segments:
To Catch a Demon (Main Segment)
The Hunters and the Hunted
Cam Girls
Amanda’s Revenge

To be honest, my favorite was the segment called The Hunters and The Hunted; it was the least predictable and really did a fucking amazing job of telling a story without screwing it up! I am very impressed with the way this particular segment came out because it really proved how great the writing was for this film and made me continue watching the film just based on that alone! I remember saying to myself after the segment ended.. “That was pretty fucking brilliant..” The writers of this segment in particular should be really proud of themselves!

As I said in previous reviews this year, I am getting lucky and finding the really good films rather than having to weed through the fucking horrible attempts at film making! This film just adds to the list of really good films that I have had the chance to review! I wouldn’t mind setting up an interview with some of the actors involved in this film to see where they plan on going from here! 

Some  Exclusive Trailers Below!

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