Sunday, April 10, 2016

A review from Hell- Tom H's Blog of Horror talks about David Boorboor's "A Place in Hell"!

Director David Boorboor is giving you

This film is about a group of college students tasked out to film a movie for a project, what they don’t know is that they are walking into their own horror film! Time and time again, I have said I wanted someone to come out with a good slasher flick that will help revive that particular sub-genre. “A Place in Hell” took this to another level by adding some old school tricks to some more modern ideas.

The kids find this “remote” location that has creepy elements and the perfect location for their film. The film tells enough story about the characters to get you invested into them, so when they are facing death you either want them dead or root for them to survive.. This film also does a great job taking you back into the life of the Detective character and having a whole different side story going on than what is actually happening with the kids that are shooting the film. The film has a great build up throughout to the final scenes and a great ending that is always welcomed when you finish watching a good film.

David Boorboor took from a real life story about “The Corpse Collector” out of Philly, a man that viciously murdered and sexually assaulted his victims. Boorboor used this and added something extra for the people who do and will enjoy this film!

The cast did a really good job, especially Lewis Smith (The Heavenly Kid, 1985) as the broken down Detective that has been chasing this killer for a long time, even when people thought he had lost his mind.. He really didn’t..  Noree Victoria (Quarantine 2: Terminal, 2011) was also really good with her role as the seemingly more put together of the kids. It was believable and done really good; I was hoping that of all people this character would be put into more situations that proved her strength.

The rest of the cast did a great job as well, I am going to follow them moving forward and check out other projects they may get into (hopefully horror projects) and I wish them success in the future!

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