Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tom H's Review of "DEAD SEA"


I began watching this film with the thought process it would be like Piranha or something like that; in fact this film was almost a cross between Piranha and Jeepers Creepers with the whole offering up a sacrifice thing! I was slightly disappointed with the lack of seeing the actually monster that was supposed to be all scary however I was impressed with the story; given the paranoia of the town and how nobody speaks of what is going on there.

There was somewhat of a backstory of the creature as it relates to the past sixty years.. The film started off with showing how Kier Thans father died and how he sacrificed himself to the monster. That itself was good for character development; as well as the rest of the character development was really good.

Based on the fact I understand what was going on with this film and the overall story was pretty cool I would have to give this film a good recommendation! I am happy to have watched this film and in the future Brandon Slagle will always get my support!!


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