Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Review: "Krampus: The Christmas Devil" by Jason Hull

Tom H’s Review of “Krampus: The Christmas Devil”
Directed By Jason Hull

**SPOILER ALERT!** So there I was watching this film; I mean glued to it because I am seriously trying to do a good review and because I was very interested in the film! I realized that SANTA EMPLOYS A FUCKING EVIL MONSTER FUCKER TO SNATCH UP BAD KIDS!!! I mean; don’t get me wrong, I have seen and heard about Krampus before this film. I just thought this film had a new spin on things because I don’t really remember hearing about Santa being in cahoots with Krampus..

The acting was okay.. The effects were pretty good but I was more concerned with where the story was going. I thought at first that guy escaping years before was the reason that Krampus was around but then I quickly realized that it was the kid of the guy who got away that Krampus was after because she was a seriously demented child!. This film is going to be one that I watch the month leading up to Christmas.. Right alongside of “Silent Night” and “Black Christmas”.. Hell why don’t we throw in “The Grinch” just to balance things out! Loved the story; not a big fan of the acting and who doesn’t love when Bill Oberst Jr. is in the mix? Great job! Great Film! Jason Hull you’re awesome!

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