Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Movie Reviews: "Midsummer Nightmares" and "Midsummer Nightmares 2: Summer's End" by Ryan Stacy

Tom H Reviews

Midsummer Nightmares


Midsummer Nightmares 2: Summer’s End

Directed by
Ryan Stacy

Julie Sherwood, Stacy Freeders, Kelci Magel and Scott Gillespie

**May Contain Spoilers**

I had a great night of reviewing films on Tuesday! I had the chance to review both “Midsummer Nightmares” and “Midsummer Nightmares 2: Summer’s End”, Directed by Ryan Stacy! To begin I will say that Part 1 was an instant hit with me with the very first death scene! It was done fucking perfectly! This film gave me a “Scream” type vibe and an ending that did not disappoint because I honestly did not know or see it coming as to who the killer is…  Ryan Stacy brought a slasher worth watching! There is a lot of knife play which makes for several identical deaths but that is not something that should deter you from this film in any way! The fact that this film is an ode to slasher films of 20-30 years ago in its style; it makes me a little nostalgic! This is a must see for anyone who loves slasher films as well as anyone that loves to see indie horror filmmakers at their best! When Part One ended I immediately went to “Midsummer Nightmares 2: Summer’s End” and started it!

“Midsummer Nightmares 2: Summer’s End” Starts of telling what happened at the end of “Midsummer Nightmares” then picks up about 3 years after the events that had occurred! You could tell immediately the quality improved with this film! Ryan Stacy continued to show just why I loved the first film so much by not playing around and making us believe that there was another killer; instead we find out who the killer is right off the bat pretty much! And people DIE! DIE! DIE! The atmosphere changed a lot knowing the killer but it did not take anything away from this fucking awesome film! At the end there is yet again another surprise like the first one that I did not see coming completely! I mean come on Audrey Small () was a bitch to a lot of people; who did not want to kick her ass at one point? Great film that deserves some major fucking props! The ONLY negative thing that I can say is that I am a little OCD when different people play an important lead role. It's like having Nev Campbell be Sydney in the first "Scream" only to be replaced by Amy Smart in "Scream 2". AHHHH that is all I have to say about that particular thing.. Forgive me! I couldn't help myself!

Overall I really enjoyed both films and I could really go for another installment to the series! If you want to know more about the films you can check out the IMDB PAGE of RYAN STACY!

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