Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Petrified" by Lance Camp/Eric Jonathan/Matthew Ellison

A modern-day copycat serial killer has picked up the torch where the last killer left it- deep in the woods, under the lofty branches of an old Oak Tree. 

After the killings at Oak Hammock Park, city officials tried to cut the tree down but to no avail. The chainsaws stopped working, a band saw broke its teeth and even an axe man’s blade could not be wielded to disturb the Spirit of the Tree. The city decided to make the Tree and its surrounding area into a protected park, Oak Hammock, as an eerie sort of homage to the offense that happened there.

In the 1990's there were several verified reports of satanic worshiping at the site and a documented Exorcism was performed by a flock of local priests; they even hung a cross on the tree, which was befouled with further animal sacrifices. Reports of hooded, cloaked men chasing little boys surfaced and in 1993 a jilted man committed suicide under the tree.

Legend has it that the whole area is haunted and reports of screaming female voices are said to be heard in the women's restroom. Locals talk of cold patches lingering on the trails in the dead heat of the summer and a strange lack of animals residing in the vicinity thereof.

The Legend of the Devil's Tree persists to this day and is listed on Weird Florida as a place to visit only with a reverence for the restless spirits that dwell therein.

DO NOT attempt to go to this sacred place at night or desecrate the "Oaken Bones" that lie under "Earthen Stones" for if you do a curse will befall your family forever!


  1. We need films like this- Dirty Southern Originals! Florida has such a wealth of gritty folk tradition and home-brewed horror to draw on. Why not support smaller, local studios with creative vision and passion to bring stories to life- up out of the swampy dank visceral goodness? We have so many tales to tell. Help Back Petrified and we'll show everyone that South Florida is a great place to make a "Killer" movie!

    Thanks Tom,