Thursday, November 14, 2013

Movie: "The Trade" by Gerald J Godbout III

Plot Outline
Cousins Anthony and Frank have grown up in the streets learning to trust only each other. In and out of Juvenal detention and as they got older they learned to work the system. Getting into everything from boosting cars and stolen merchandise, the cousins slowly made a name for themselves. Then, with a chance meeting with a crooked undercover cop, the cousins are introduced to the sex trade underworld.

Escorts and Strippers become their business, and that catches the attention of the Russian mob. They offer the cousins a deal to buy into the business, and that’s when things start to go bad for the cousins. As their grip to their business starts to give way the cousins are forced into a confrontation that neither are prepared for.

I am a big fan of Jimmy Dempster and regardless of this not being a Horror Film; I support the actors/actresses and filmmakers that I have had the pleasure of having contact with over the past couple of years. I will support them always! Please enjoy the trailer!! - Tom H.


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