Monday, October 28, 2013

Review: "The Invoking" aka "Sader Ridge" by Jeremy Berg


“The Invoking” otherwise known as “Sader Ridge” is about a woman named Sam (Trin Miller) goes to visit a house she inherited from her Grandma; along with three friends. A man that happens to be the property care-taker, Eric (D'Angelo Midili) informs her of her past and that she had lived in the house when she was a young child. Soon after she sees visions that to her seem real and causes her to begin questioning reality.

This film was really good as it shows many twists and turns among the people involved. Trust begins to breakdown between her friends and that happens to make it easy for them to become victims as the film unravels. The work of Jeremy Berg is awesome and the story was well thought out with a really good ending. The characters were all pretty good and the obvious tension between Mark (Brandon Anthony) and Eric made me think that Mark was a dick at first but soon realized that Mark was the smartest one of the group.

Overall I recommend this film to my followers and friends due to the fact it is a movie that makes you think and pay attention. True Indie film lovers will appreciate the film more than regular movie watchers that think horror is about blood and gore. This is a much deeper film! The only part I may have lost on is just what is Eric and how would he know that Sam would see what she was seeing?