Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review: Randy R. Fabert's "PSYCHO KILLER"

Tom H’s Thoughts:

Wow! “Psycho Killer” is a film that you HAVE to see! At first I was confused about whether this was some normal guy killing people.. Not long after the film started you see all kinds of action; the film does not get boring even when they are not showing the killer. The cast was great; but even more so Doug Palmer did an amazing job!

So we all know Jason Voorhees don’t die; this guy was doing disappearing acts and fucking coming out of nowhere! They literally threw the kitchen sink at this guy in an attempt to stop him!! I would put him up against pretty much any other Slasher Icon and he would hold his own easily! The only downfall to this killer is that it didn’t REALLY take that much to put him down in the end…. Once they realized the weakness it was pretty ridiculous but I loved it anyway!

Anyone who dislikes this film is an idiot!! While I wouldn’t give it any awards for acting or whatever the film is a great demonstration of how indie horror can bring back the slasher genre and make it better than it has ever been before! I understand you can only do so much but creativity is the trick and “Psycho Killer” was different enough from some of the past films I have viewed to be put in the category of creative.

Tom H’s Originality Factor: 7 out of 10
Tom H’s Scare Factor:  3 out of 10