Friday, August 2, 2013

Interview: Jimmy Dempster "Open House" (2014)

Interview with Jimmy Dempster

Film: “Open House”

Synopsis: Inspired by true events, Open House takes you on a trip through the torturous mind of a serial killer targeting female Real estate agents.

When Wardell Subotsky was 8 years old, His mother made ends meet by working as a Real Estate Agent. After witnessing her countless sexual favors to get the properties sold, he grows up believing all agents are whores. Now in his late 40's, Wardell, (Russ Forga) puts his own home on the market but is thrown into a mental tailspin as the selling agent; (Mel Heflin) is a spitting image of his mother. Convinced she too is a whore,Wardell abducts her in an attempt to show her the error of her ways.

I had the chance to talk with Jimmy Dempster “Intrusive Behavior “(2013), “Dominion” (2013) and we discussed an upcoming film that he is starring in called “Open House”!  He plays Lt. Nick Rebello, a cop that is trying to track down a serial killer that is female Real Estate Agents.  Jimmy says “Open House” is not just a typical horror film and it is character driven with a little bit of everything. He began his career by being an extra in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” (2008) where he barely could be made out when watching the film. It stuck from there!  At that point we poked fun about how so many films are about just the blood and guts with terrible acting; mostly me making fun of those films….  Moving on…  He believes that the 80’s was a huge era for Horror Films and I completely agree. There is no true horror icon these days that can say they have replaced the Jason Vorhees, Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers! The closest we have come to a “replacement” would be the torture type horror films like “Saw”.

Jimmy has some upcoming projects called “The Last One”; the film takes place in a world where a mysterious plague has wiped out all humanity who carried the O blood type. Now a group of the remaining survivors must go on a journey, survive by any means possible... Protecting the last remaining hope.  And another film called “Devotion” which is about a single mother struggles to care for and protect her young daughter that has an unusual affliction… A Zombie!!

I asked him if he will continue to make horror films and he said that Horror is what he does and what he has always done so that is good news for the horror community! An actor that don’t think he’s too good for the genre. So I pull out the always faithful “What is your favorite horror film? Question” and he answers like any horror lover would – He has too many favorites to pick just one but if he had to pick it would be “The Exorcist”! To be honest I don't blame him; "The Exorcist" is one of my favorites as well! 

I had a great conversation with Jimmy Dempster; he was even patient enough for me to take a call from my mom when I was in the process of the interview and he stayed up extremely late to continue the interview! He believes indie horror is a true family collaboration. After a while in our conversation I sent him links to the bands I am going to have at The Dead in Dixon Indie Horror Film Festival and he gave me his opinion; now I am not going to tell you who he thinks was better but he picked my favorite too! Now I always ask the same question at the end of my interviews.. "If you wake up in the morning and the Zombie Apocalypse happened... Who would you want with you?"  His answer: Ash from Evil Dead or Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead would be enlisted to help him fight the zombies. Reggie Banister from Phantasm Part 2 and Seline from Underworld or Alice from Resident Evil! He is the first one to pick mostly all fictional characters from all Zombie Films!