Friday, April 12, 2013

Movie: "Elizabeth Bathory Movie" by Elizabeth Nixon

In sixteenth century Hungary a woman, Anika, is in prison with an eccentric woman who calls herself Katarina and tells tales of the Countess Elizabeth Bathory and her brutal torturing and killing of virgin girls before drinking and bathing in their blood.  Realizing that they are to be Elizabeth’s next victims and that Katarina is the only person she has now, Anika befriends her and opens up to her about her troubled past.  Despite Katarina’s disturbing manipulative behavior, fickle demeanor, unstable moods, and deteriorating body, they plot an escape having only a knife to lead them to freedom.  But Anika soon finds out that Katarina is not who she thinks she is.

On April 15, 2013 a kickstarter campaign will be launched to fund this film and any help regarding that matter would be greatly appreciated! You can follow the progress of the film by visiting the official website here!

Starring: Tilke Hill and Kathleen Denecke