Thursday, April 4, 2013

Movie: "BACKTRACK" by Haydn West @BacktrackFilm

When four friends go camping on the South Downs, they are quite literally tortured by their past.

Ralph is a 21 year-old man who has been having recurring dreams in German. To help him understand his dreams, his friend Claudia, a 23 year-old hippie, uses her undeveloped psychic powers to give him a profound past-life regression, which floods his mind with memories of being a Nazi commando on a mission in and around the South Downs.

When his visions of that past existence begin to take shape in his current life, Ralph begins to investigate. He goes on a camping trip with Claudia and their respective partners to the locations he saw in his regression in the hope of piecing together his previous life.

What Ralph doesn’t suspect is that the past he is trying to find is now stalking him, and plans to exact a terrible revenge on all four campers for crimes committed nearly seventy years ago.

A pretty cool angle appearing to be torturing his production assistant to get the funds through their kickstarter campaign! That shows me that there is some actual creative thinking going on to be completely different than most asking for $$. While they were not successful gaining funding through kickstarter they still offer information that you can use to donate to the film on their website! you can also visit and like their facebook page so you can get all of the updates. Please help out as much as you can financially or by spreading the word around!