Sunday, February 3, 2013

Movie Review: "GUT" by Elias

A man named Tom appears to be growing tired of his life starts hanging out with his old friend Dan in which he has grown apart from over the years and finds out that his friend has been ordering snuff films. Tom begins to question the legitimacy of the films and tells Dan to stop ordering them in fear that they could actually be real. The images are so disturbing that he begins to have nightmares about them and tries to convince his friend to get rid of them; what happens is seriously crazy and fucked up and makes you question  just what people are willing to do to for entertainment. This film was very good and shows a side of horror/thriller that most people don't want to attempt in fear of going too far. What lines can be crossed? 

Directed by Elias; "Gut" was overall very good however I do want to know more about what happens with Tom and why everything had happened to begin with. Not to give too much of the film away I just think knowing more back story about the two main characters would explain a lot as for the reasons everything happens. 

TOM H's SCARE FACTOR: 7 out of 10!