Monday, February 11, 2013

Movie: "Blood Red" by Steve Du Melo

Blood Red Synopsis:

MEGAN EMMA TAYLOR is a psychology student. A young woman who traumatized by an vicious attack resulting in the death of her father, now studies sociopaths in order to come to terms with her horrific ordeal.

As part of her dissertation, Megan puts an advert on the internet. She hopes to interview victims of serial killers and psychopaths. A woman answers her advert and claims to have known an artist by the name of DEVLIN DRAGO. Drago, a sadistic killer and multiple murderers was caught and sentenced to life. After researching Megan discovers that during his time in prison he was mutilated by guards and later found dead hanging in his cell.

Megan arranges to meet up with the woman for an interview but on arrival finds she has been viciously murdered. Megan then receives a mysterious phone call from the killer, calling himself Devlin Drago. Devlin gives her an ultimatum: she must give in to his demands or face retribution. With no way out Megan is thrown into a macabre world of death and bloodshed as she tries to find answers to who Devlin Drago really is, man, ghost or copycat?

He seems to know her every move and even her thoughts. The once relatively simple life she was accustomed to is now spiraling out of control, and with her fate sealed, can she escape Devlin Drago's grip?