Monday, February 18, 2013

Horror Short: "The Leaf Blower Massacre" By Anthony Cooney and Josh Stephenson

“The Leafblower Massacre” (2012) was one of the best short films I have had the opportunity to watch in recent memory in regards to the way the film played out and the different methods of killing that happened. The whole feel of the film reminded me of the “Zombie Bloodbath” Trilogy style of filming. This film could be turned into a feature length film with a little if they wanted to add more of a story behind the killing; why a leafblower? That would be something I would be interested in knowing.

Check out and support Anthony Cooney and Josh Stevenson by following the film on FACEBOOK and liking the page. Don’t forget to actually watch the film because you will enjoy it I am sure; if not you are pretty shitty indie horror fan!!

Tom H’s Originality Factor: 7 out of 10
Tom H’s Scare Factor: 1 out of 10