Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Web Series: "Phoenix Run" Directed by TJ Walker


Taking place in the near future where the world has survived a global infection, everybody is infected with a deadly virus and needs a special vaccine to stay alive or die and turn into something Inhuman. A street-smart smuggler takes a job to hijack a vaccine shipment, he finds himself in possession of an experimental serum that could cure the world’s infection...but only if he can survive long enough to keep it away from a desperate cop and the ruthless corporate saboteur that hired him in the first place.


This a fucking killer teaser from Director TJ Walker and Writer Will Strode! I really think this is going to be a great series to watch and follow. I was informed of this series by Film Maker Rick Walters, a man that is currently making the movie "The Resolution" and is also going to be directing some of the episodes as well as being a producer. Any type of series or movie that deals with Post Apocalyptic type shit makes me interested as I've said in other posts about films; I love seeing the different angles people use even if the overall film concept has been done before. 

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