Thursday, January 10, 2013

To My Followers: Thank You

To my amazing followers,

I have officially created an indiegogo campaign to raise money to start The Dead in Dixon Indie Horror Film Festival. While my main goal with this is to show support to the indie horror film makers that I have met; I am also looking forward to shooting a film as well. This truly is not a project to where I stand to profit financially especially in the first year and I really am not concerned with a big financial payday, just the ability to support the festival from year to year moving forward.

Unfortunately to get the first year event off the ground it will require some financial support from my friends and followers; something I really hate to do is ask for money however in this case I feel that it is for a good cause and it will not be required from year to year after I meet my goal. Once I have the equipment I will be able to focus more on the entertainment side of the event which is the best part right? I would love to believe everyone that is following my blog on twitter and facebook read my blog and with that being said if everyone donated $5.00 my campaign would pretty much be complete. 

I have been working very hard over the last month to get the website up and shared with everyone, securing some indie rock bands and special guest celebs. I have realized the most important thing is the film makers; the film makers that I support are the special guests and those are the people I would like to honor during the festival. I do understand other festivals and cons have big name guests to show up in order to gain a following and I just can't match that in the first year unless I meet my campaign goal. 

I do understand that money is not a subject people like to talk about and I wouldn't ask if I didn't find this very important to me. I will work hard securing sponsors and vendors for the event and hopefully everyone that reads this understands where my loyalties truly lie. To the film makers and everyone that has worked hard to bring awesome indie horror films and hopefully all true indie horror film lovers will support this film festival because I understand what being independent is all about.

I hope to have a trailer for the film up in the next week or so as well as my very own video, now I am a big ugly man so that may turn people away.. this is a horror community so it shouldn't be too bad!

To visit and donate to The Dead in Dixon Indie Horror Film Festival Click HERE!

Thank you for your time and your support

Tom H.

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