Friday, January 18, 2013

Movie Review: "Scream Park" @screamparkmovie

Tom H’s Take:
Scream Park is a great throwback to the 80’s Slasher flicks and it doesn’t disappoint at all!! I really got into this film because of the old school methods that was being put to use. The cast did a damn good job and the effects were pretty fucking great all around. This film is about an amusement park that is going out of business only to find out the owner of the amusement park may be involved in some shady tactics in order to put the park back on the map and become a huge attraction. The attraction would be at the expense of several teenage kids that work at the park.

There were some cheap scare attempts throughout the film, but that is kinda the point being that Scream Park is a mirror of the old school days. The deaths keep coming and there is rarely any down time in this film once the killing begins!

I recommend everyone that loves 80’s Slasher flicks to check this out!

Tom H’s Scare Factor: 6 out of 10
Tom H’s Originality Factor: 8 out of 10

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