Monday, January 28, 2013

Movie: "Dark Cove" Directed by Rob Willey

Five friends go camping on the wild coast of Vancouver Island. Things start to go seriously wrong while partying with two Australian surfers.

Starring:    Eliot Bayne, Rob Willey, Montanna McNalley, Brittany Rysstad, Rodney Woods, James Anderson, Cameron Crosby, Rob Abbate, Alexandra Brown

Directed By: Rob Willey

Screenplay By: Rob Willey

Produced By: Dennis Willey, Rob Willey, Rean McKinley, Michael Hogman

Check out the official FACEBOOK page; also visit the crowd funding campaign HERE!. I think this trailer is pretty good and from what I see this could be a very good horror/thriller worth watching! Help them reach their goal!

Here is the teaser trailer for “Dark Cove” below!