Friday, December 21, 2012

Short Film Review: "Out There" (2012) by Randal Plunkett

Tom H's Review:

Randal Plunkett and I spoke a couple weeks ago and I had the opportunity to watch his short film called "Out There". I immediately wanted to know if he was planning on filming a feature length film and continuing on with this story and he is definitely going to continue on and begin production in March 2013. This was a fucking awesome short film and while it is a zombie film, it brings it's own unique story telling aspect that kept me really interested. I enjoyed the way he handled the character(s) in the short and the "ending" was just the beginning basically. I wouldn't have expected it to turn out the way it did and I think you should all check the short film out once you have an opportunity. The trailer is located below.

To visit the official site click HERE!