Friday, November 2, 2012

Movie Review: "Blood Was Everywhere" by @Jason_A_Torrey

My Take:
I loved this movie! It was the perfect blend of a random psychotic killer and cool storyline that keeps you guessing as to just what the fuck is going on? Why is this fucker killing everyone? The greatest part about this movie is that YOU will never know until you see it!!! The movie isn’t really what I would call scary but it does have that awesome vibe I used to get when I watched a new slasher movie growing up! I had a discussion on Twitter a little while back and we were talking about how there isn’t any true slasher films out there anymore; I think we have finally found one!!!

Jason Torrey does a fucking amazing job on this film and I would recommend this film to anyone I run across because it is that good, sure I am a horror junky so not everyone will love what I love but they should because their movie experience would be fucking improved by a 100%!!

My Blog of Horror Originality Rating is 8 out of 10!
My Blog of Horror Overall Scare factor is 5 out of 10!