Monday, November 12, 2012

Movie Review: "Backslasher" by Tim Cowles; starring Eleanor James

By Tim Cowles

Tom H's Take:

"Backslasher" in today’s horror industry is rather unique in the sense that I felt I was watching a slasher flick from the 80’s.  Let’s begin with the great stuff about this movie; actress Eleanor James is sexy as hell!  To go along with that you will witness a pretty good backstory and plot. I was flat out impressed and I was interested in finding out more with every scene; the acting wasn’t great but they carried the movie enough to make it interesting. The angle this movie was going for works; you think you know who’s killing all of these people but then you find out next they are the ones being knocked off… Hat’s off to this awesome director and writer!

Now for the things I thought could have used some work; the effects were okay but some more attention to detail would have been good. I am a very detail oriented person, especially while watching movies of any sort. I like things to flow and make some sense.

I would recommend this movie to others because it has everything you want in a slasher movie! Sexy women, suspense, death and action pretty much most of the time. You obviously won’t see some things coming and it helps to be off a little because predictability is a bitch! 

My Blog of Horror Originality Rating is 7 out of 10!

My Blog of Horror Overall Scare factor is 5 out of 10!