Sunday, November 4, 2012

Meet The Lady Bruins Part Three: Marissa Merrill @MarissaMerrill

"Merry F@#$ing Christmas"
Christmas Horror Anthology

“Merry F@#$ing Christmas” Christmas Horror Anthology will be four segments featuring four really awesome and gruesome tales for the most wonderful time of the year!!

Segment Title
"The Lady Bruins Christmas Slumber Party"

 “The Lady Bruins Christmas Slumber Party” Plot: 5 young women who get together every year around Christmas time for a white elephant gift exchange. But this year all of the ladies receive the same gift...Terror!!

Marissa Merrill

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Marissa Merrill; Marissa plays the character of Violet in the upcoming Christmas Horror Anthology Merry Fucking Christmas. Her character is basically the odd woman out of the group because she is so nice, however while filming Marissa said she learned more about her character and found the inner bitch. Marissa has been part of several film projects in the past, one of her most recent movies is a Zombie flick called “Dead Season”.

While I spoke to her I asked her what her goals were and if she preferred horror films to other types and she told me that she would prefer to do all types of films and feels that she is versatile. She does not aspire to be a big celebrity however if she ever reaches a high level of super stardom she would use her fame to help world endeavors such as environmental protection.
I asked her if she woke up tomorrow and the Zombie Apocalypse had occurred and she could only pick three people to have with her she chose her little sister because she is good with gardening and we all know that people that can garden will be valuable in the future due to the lack of food. She also chose her “Dead Season” Co-Star Scott Peat’s character because of her knowledge of how he was in the movie and he would already be educated about the Zombies, the third person would be Bob Dylan because we all know in a time of such chaos you will need music and a drink, and Bob Dylan will be the man who can provide such a luxury.

Please support Marissa by following her by checking out the links below. You will not be one bit disappointed and you would be supporting a great up and coming actress. It doesn’t hurt that she is absolutely stunning!