Monday, October 22, 2012

Movie: "Skum" by Jason Figgis @JasonFiggis100

It is an extreme horror film about a documentary director (Matthew Toman - 'The Ecstasy of Isabel Mann', 'Railway Children') who puts out social network feelers to produce a Day in the Life documentary to hopefully put together a 365 feature film (with a new person contributing for each day of the year). Sadly, 'K' (Jason Sherlock - 'The Ecstasy of Isabel Mann') answers his query and so begins 24 hours of terror. It turns out that the filmmaker did something very, very bad in his first outing as a director and now he is about to the worst way. He didn't reckon on a family out for some extreme payback.

Starring :
Matthew Toman ('The Ecstasy of Isabel Mann', 'Railway Children'')
Jason Sherlock ('The Ecstasy of Isabel Mann'')
Niall Murphy
Darren Balfe ('Hard Day')
Jonathan Figgis ('3Crosses', 'Pallida Mors')
Daniel Figgis II ('Uri's Haunted Cities', 'The Twilight Hour')

The film is a presentation of October Eleven Pictures and is Written, Produced and Directed by Jason Figgis ('The Ecstasy of Isabel Mann', 'Railway Children', 'The Twilight Hour') with Alan Rogers ('The Ecstasy of Isabel Mann'', 'Magpie'') as Director of Photography and Tori Campbell ('Railway Children') as Lead Make-Up Artist.

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