Sunday, October 14, 2012

Movie: "Skookum" @SkookumtheMovie


Here is a short synopsis of the Skookum story:

Deep in the Louisiana swamp lives a legend. Many have seen and heard, and few have forgotten: a giant creature with glowing red eyes that locals refer to as the Creature from Caddo Lake.

When the long dormant Bigfoot monster seemingly begins a brutal reign of terror, celebrity talk show host Dr. Anna Rock must leave her high profile position to search for her younger sister Megan, a Bigfoot researcher, in the swampy wilderness of northern Louisiana. She reluctantly enlists the aid of a former boyfriend and his father, two of the world's most respected Bigfoot research scientists, a Native American shaman, and Cajun swamp guide Gator Boudreaux. 

Separated from the others during the intensive search for Megan, Anna ends up alone in the swamp, with only the fading light of her cell phone to guide the way. Ultimately she must confront her own worst nightmare to find her sister and provide the key to ending the massive carnage, and face down the most dangerous creature known to man.

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