Sunday, October 21, 2012

Movie: "Hunter" By @FreakDaddyProd @HunterTheFilm

Hunter, is a slasher/horror film, made by slasher fans, for slasher fans. It incorporates techniques used in some of the most highly acclaimed psycho-thriller films to date including, Alfred Hitchcocks Psycho, John Carpenters Halloween, and Wes Cravens Scream franchise. In fact, the opening sequence hits just as hard as the famous opening sequence of Scream.


ThE BLOG OF HORROR IS EXCITED ABOUT THIS FILM! THERE WILL BE A WORLD PREMIERE SCREENING of the first 12 minutes of the film AT Shockfest Horror Film Festival in LOS ANGELES Next Month. There is also confirmation from the director Ryan shovey that this will be a feature length film! I had the pleasure of watching the first 12 minutes and I believe the quality of the film is every bit as good as anything with a multi-million dollar budget and the fact that it is a slasher film increases just how awesome this film has started out! If you can go to the screening I recommend it; if not i recommend helping fund this movie when the time comes!!

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