Thursday, October 25, 2012

Interview with Cameron Cloutier for "Bird with a Broken Wing"

Interview with “Bird with a Broken Wing” Director


Based on a true story of the last victim of The Original Night Stalker, Janelle Lisa Cruz, Cameron Cloutier tells me that he feels this movie would be an ultimate slasher flick if it was not a true story but to make this based off of a true story turns this film into a seriously complex horror story that everyone can identify with because it really did happen!!

Casting is about to come along but the focus right now is obtaining the money for the film. Soon he will be working on casting what will be a huge cast. He wants to film this movie in such a way to create a film that brings to light the crimes of the past and explain what has happened. The fact that this movie is about a serial killer that most people want to forget about makes this movie worth funding; it is the epitome of good versus evil. It will give Janelle a voice to help tell what happened to her and it will also help open up more discussion about The Original Night Stalker in hopes that it may lead to finding out just who did this horrific chain of events.

Before Janelle, The Original Night Stalker was silent for 5 years; what made him come back? What made her his last known victim? These are the questions that are to be brought to light in this film.



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