Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This blog and what I want to do. Also Hiring another Contributor!

Hello everyone, 

I started this blog with the intent on featuring as many up and coming artists that are part of the horror genre. With that being said I have had the pleasure of getting some insight into some of the newer indie movies coming out and that is great! I have not been as dedicated to the blog throughout most of the year due to family health issues but I am back full speed and I am looking for someone to help me out. 

The person I will bring on to help me will have to understand this is a non paying gig since I am not making anything from this site; one day if we get really big and get some money thrown our way I would be happy to split the money. The person I want will have to research as many indie horror movies and books to help do write ups or just simply post on the blog to gain them exposure. I prefer someone that has some background in web design and some knowledge of coding so we can update and upgrade the site and make it better.

If you are interested in a position with the blog let me know by emailing me HERE.