Monday, September 17, 2012

George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead Live @livingdeadlive

About the Play

On October 1st, 1968, a little independent monster flick called, “Night of the Living Dead” premiered in the steel town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Produced for a mere $114,000, the film went on to gross more than, $250,000,000 worldwide. It has been translated into 25 different languages and has been playing on the big screen consistently since 1968. Even four decades after it’s release, the movie is still revered as a cult classic, and holds a 96% “Certified Fresh” rating on the popular Internet film review site ROTTEN TOMATOES. Needless to say, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is undoubtedly the most popular and successful horror film of all time.
Now, 45 years later, Nictophobia Films is bringing this cinematic masterpiece to the stage inspring 2013 like you have never seen before. Just like the film, the stage production will bepresented entirely in black and white, from the set design right to the actors. The performance will be audience interactive as live zombies walk through the aisles, making their way to the to the stage keeping spectators on the edge of their seats. Measures have been taken to maintain a PG rating so that a younger audience can also experience this fun and amazing production.
NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD LIVE will captivate audiences as they experience this classic told in the intimate setting of a live theater. This will bring the viewer closer to the story than ever before, as they are literally sitting in the house with the characters as they fight and kill their way through the marauding ghouls. At the end of the show everyone in the room will know what it feels like toexperience a night with the living dead!

Our Fundraising Goal

We are looking to raise $50,000 to help finance this creative reimagning of the classic movie. The funds will be used in all facets of production, including; script development. props/set construction, costumes, special FX/make-up, staff, actors, theatre rental, everything. The entire team (below) is extremely excited and passionate about this project and with your help, we believe we can make this play a world-wide success!