Monday, September 17, 2012

Fear Fest Haunted House: Columbia, MO


A few years ago our now haunted house used to be a funeral 
home and the Mortician who worked there had been friends with 
a family just down the road.

The family had a little girl named Sarah. The Mortician cared for 
Sarah because she would often visit him by walking to his house 
to keep him company. Most people stayed clear of him because 
of his line of work.

Today, many of us complain and worry about the "one heavy 
snow of the year". Years ago, mid-Missouri had a huge blizzard 
swoop down from the north. It was not an expected storm.
When the storm hit, the Mortician knew Sarah was not going to 
be visiting him that day. That same evening, after he had laid his 
head down for the night, Sarah's parents showed up. The 
Mortician could not believe they were there because the storm 
was only getting worse and there only mode of transportation 
was their own feet. When asking Sarah's parents to come in, her 
mother asked if he had seen their daughter earlier in the day.
That is when things changed.

Supposedly Sarah had left her parents house earlier in the day, 
before the storm hit, to visit the Mortician. The Mortician never 
saw her and her parents claimed she never came home.
The Mortician, Sarah's mom and Sarah's dad began to trace the 
way Sarah usually walks back and forth between the two homes. 
In between was the funeral home, which is now the house you 
will be walking through. While walking through the blizzard they 
saw Sarah's coat about 200-yards from the funeral home. 
Fortunately, Sarah was inside the coat. Unfortunately she was 
frozen solid and had passed away.

With the death of any child comes great mourning.
The Mortician had a different perspective. Sarah was the 
daughter he never had, a friend. He had to bury Sarah. That was 
his job.

As months went by, few people saw the Mortician around town. It 
was as if he did not want anything to do with anybody. Eventually 
he shut the doors to the funeral home. People rumored he was 
hearing Sarah crying out especially when he stepped inside the 
home. We think it is why he closed down.

After the Mortician closed the doors, fewer and fewer people saw 
the man. He had simply withdrawn from society and disappeared. 
Some say the spirits in the house took him to be with Sarah while 
others say he killed himself to get away from the voices in his 

No one is sure.

Things move, you hear things, you see hallucinations, and things 
just do not make sense all the time. Come out, see for yourself