Wednesday, September 26, 2012

End of the Beginning Film!

Image is not the official image of this movie
PLOT: After surviving an apocalyptic event, SOOKIE, a cute, feisty, and gun-toting 14-year-old escapes with her ailing DADDY to the open road. They find shelter from the dreaded NIGHT CREATURES in an abandoned town, where they hole up in an empty country diner. There they meet the town’s last inhabitant, DYLAN, a shy, brainy 13-year-old.  When a Night Creature surprises them, Sookie lures it to the door and blows its head off, shocking the impressionable Dylan.

Overnight Daddy begins transforming into one of THEM. When Sookie can’t bring herself to do the unthinkable, Dylan rises to the occasion and ultimately wins her respect.  In search of safety, they hit the road where they might just discover true friendship and first love.

I personally love post apocalyptic movies so I am highly anticipating this one! Please support their cause by going HERE to donate!! You can also read more about this movie on their indiegogo page.