Friday, April 6, 2012

New Story By Joel Hunter Gun!

Shining through the window, the moon glistened off of the freshly sharpened steel blade of the kitchen knife. Emma’s mind wondered distantly. Blood dripped off of the blade, onto the counter, and splashed like rain drops of sin as it hit the floor. “Such a mess I’ve made,” she said to herself, while reflecting upon childhood memories -as she cut the meat away from the bone.
Every day, like a ritual, her father used to beat on her before sending her into the kitchen. “Now go and make me something good to eat, you stupid fucking bitch!” he would say to her. Oh, how Emma grew to hate her father with such spiteful vengeance. She’d stand in the kitchen from time to time and ponder whether she should put rat poison in his food. In the end, she could never bring herself to do it. Fearing that with her luck he would survive and come back after her to kill her for sure.