Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Horror Story Competition: Submission By Chelsea Hopkins

The Chosen One 
by: Chelsea Hopkins
As I stood up, I began looking around. Wondering who I was, and where I was. The sky was pitch-black, and what appeared to be stars, were piercing through it. They are crimson red. They are the only source of light. It seems like I am in a field. Standing there... A little speck of dust underneath a vast, open sky. I see no horizon line.. This field looks as if it goes on forever. All of a sudden, coming from a place that I cannot see, lightning flashes, and all around me are tall, dark silhouettes. I don't know what to do. Out of instinct-I began to run. I took a deep breath in, and the air burnt my nose, almost as if a cloud of sulpheric acid enveloped me, along with the dark figures.
 It does not matter. I have to get away. I don't know where I'm going, and I can't see but 1 foot in front of me. But, this does not matter either. I keep running. I feel hands, grabbing, and pulling at my arms. That does not stop me. I have to keep going. As I move further, I gain confidence of getting away. I can no longer feel the hands. Then, all of a sudden, the breath is knocked completely out of me, and it feels as if I'd been hit in the chest with a sledge-hammer. I am lying down again, and I hear something that I've never heard before. It almost sounds like the high-pitched buzzing of a machine, with under-tones of a very low-pitched humming. It does not sound like any animal I know to exist.
It does not sound human. Should I open my eyes? CAN I open my eyes? My eye-lids slowly start to peel apart, and I witness something I can't begin to explain. Again, I am surrounded, but this time I can see them. They have no eyes, and their skin is pale. As my eyes open completely, they turn their attention to me. One of them starts toward me, reaching its hand out, and touches my face. Its hand is cold, and my skin crawls and rises at its skin meeting mine. I try to scream, but not a sound escapes my mouth. I can't move a muscle in my entire body. I try so desperately to close my eyes, but I can't do that either. A million thoughts race through my mind at once.
Where am I?...
What are they going to do to me?...
Why can't I move?...
How in the hell am I going to escape?...
My heart drops into my stomach, as I flee from my scattered thoughts, and realize what's going on. One of them has a needle. I can feel the sweat forming in my glands, and dropping down my face. I try to escape, like a man with claustrophobia, convicted of murder. I focus all of my strength into my arms; consciously sending commands to every muscle fiber in my biceps. I can't. With what seems like an exhausted attempt over the span of a life-time, I cannot move. "What are you doing?!" I try to scream. I make not one sound. The only thing I can hear is humming... They're all doing it. A chorus of voices, all simultaneously directed towards me. After what feels like hours, they get louder. Much louder. Then, they part. Just as if something split them right up the middle. As if Moses were parting the Red Sea, yet again. One of them walks between the rest, and it is outrageously taller than them. As it passed, they bowed to it, as if it were their queen.
Her movement is like nothing I've ever seen. She is gracefully dancing. A ballet of sorts. As she edges closer, I can see light radiating from the top of her head. I am overwhelmed with tingling sensations throughout my entire body. A sense of new-found relief overcomes me, and I am completely relaxed. I am in perfect harmony with my surroundings, and those that occupy them. The queen has finally reached me, and she places her warm, comforting hands underneath me. She lifts me, and I feel weightless. The humming becomes louder, as if her lifting me cued a crescendo. She carries me out of the linoleum-looking room, and just as the humming started, it stopped. In an instant we appear in another room, but this one is much smaller. It is only her and I.
The queen lays me on a gurney, and gets on top of me. She begins to kiss me, moves down my chest, and grabs my penis. Then, she gets up and moves seductively to a table in front of me, and grabs a metal rod. This brings on a new fear. I can feel my blood inching through every vein, and my heart is pounding out of my chest. It is the only thing I can hear. She slowly turns around, and comes toward me, with her arm out-stretched. She plunges forward with such force, it penetrates my asshole. Oh dear God. I want to resist, but I can't. I can feel myself ripping, as she proceeds to shove further in. I begin to feel it within my intestines, completely tearing everything it comes into contact with apart. I can feel it in my stomach, as I hear the gruesome sounds of ripping hide.  It's piercing through my fucking stomach! RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP! My gag reflexes try to function, but can't. As the rod pierces through, chunks of fat and muscle tissue stick to it. Or maybe those are chunks of intestine.
 I can feel my whole body trying to convulse from the excruciating pain in my abdomen, but no movement is made. Am I dead? If I were, I wouldn't be able to feel this! The being finally stops shoving the rod, and to my relief, comes over to my head. As she leans over me, she finally says something I can understand. "I'm going to fuck you." She gets on top of me, grabs my penis with both of her hands, and begins to jack me off! Once all of the blood rushes to my penis, she puts it somewhere that I cannot see, and begins to fuck me! As she moves violently up, and down, she grabs the rod petruding out of my stomach, and pushes down on it. Pain completely consumes me, as I feel my balls cringe, and semen edging through my urethra. How in the fuck am I getting off?! The queen climbs off of me, leaving my erect penis hanging, making it hard for me to see around it. She goes to a table I didn't notice before on my left. I watch in my peripheral vision as she picks up another instrument.
 It resembles a pair of hedge-clippers, the only difference being, that the blades are around 5ft long. I can see the queen's reflection in the chrome blade. She's fucking smiling! She turns around, and heads toward me. Grabbing my erect penis in one hand, while in the other she has the hedge-clippers, raised above her head. All at once, she slams them down, straight into my dickhole. I try to scream, but my effort fails. The hedge clippers close and my penis are sliced completely open, exposing my veins and my muscle tissue. "WHAT IN THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!"  She looks up at me and smiles as she laughs and says, "You are the chosen one."