Saturday, March 26, 2011

You ever wonder......?

Horror Movie moments..

Do you ever wonder when a stupid blonde hears a noise why they don't just run out of the house or get away from where they are instead of going to find out what the noise is like they are going to kick it's ass? I mean seriously this is ridiculous! I'm 6'2"  250 and I wouldn't try to find out what shit is.. I'm getting the hell out of there! It's no different than camping in the woods.. Always have a few firearms present and located in a place you can grab it within seconds. An animal may come to your camp and you may need to use it, if it's not an animal and it's a friggin murderer then you'll need it also. Now, remember to keep HIGH POWERED firearms because this murderer may be one of those invincible types that you have to shoot several times.. I'd potentially bring some dynamite if you have any source of getting it. Blowing shit up usually works pretty well unless it's paranormal.. In that case you're pretty much fucked... Good luck!