Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Old 37" bring back two Horror Icons! Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley- Tom H. reviews!

Tom H. Reviews
“OLD 37”

When you put two of the most iconic men in horror in a film, you expect nothing short of fucking awesome! “Old 37” was not a disappointment to me by any means! The story behind two brothers that intercept 911 calls in order to capture unsuspecting people turned out to be much more than that! In fact it became more of an intense story surrounding a group of teens that are being forced to face their worst fears when they are being targeted by these two deranged brothers! Unknowingly these teens have done something that they will live to regret in a worse way than they could ever imagine.

“Old 37” tells a pretty good story and you have an opportunity to learn about the individuals involved, you get the chance to pick which of these kids you want to be hacked to fucking pieces first and who you want to survive! To me, most of these fuckers deserved to die and whether they died or not I still believe they should have. Nothing makes me sick more than self-serving fucks that can’t see outside of their precious existence! The writers Paul Travers and Joe Landes did a great job exploiting the obvious and keeping hidden what the end would reveal.

I am a huge fan of hacking and slashing so this was a pretty big deal for me to do! I am also a huge fan of Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley and do plan to interview them at some point to help promote this film! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Midwest Screening of Jessica Cameron's "Truth or Dare" and "Mania" - October 16, 2015 at Warheadz in St. Robert, MO

 On October 16, 2015 at 6pm Tom H’s Blog of Horror will be working in collaboration with Warheadz Club to bring you a Horror DOUBLE FEATURE!! We will be screening the films “Mania” and “Truth or Dare”, both Directed by the amazing Jessica Cameron! As a bonus feature to this event we will be flying Jessica Cameron in from Los Angeles to be part of this awesome night!

You don’t know who Jessica Cameron is? You can change that!  Jessica has starred in over 60 films, some as that are pretty known among horror fans and some that may not be so well known. Regardless of whether you have heard of them or not this is your chance to get to know her better and familiarize yourself with fucking awesome Indie Horror projects! She is the scream queen of Indie Horror and has worked with some of the industries best.

She was in a small role in Steven C. Miller's "Silent Night" as well as "Mr. Hush"! Jessica is a leader among indie horror film by transitioning from being in front of the camera to behind the camera, She has now Directed two feature length films which you will be watching on October 16th! 

With the appearance of Jessica Cameron along with Tom H's Blog of Horror this will be one of the must-attend events in the area this year! You can waste your time doing the typical haunted house or costume contest or you can get a chance to see films that you have never had the chance to see before and be part of a growing event that will leave it's mark on Mid Missouri!! You might even get to play Truth or Dare with us!

Those of you who already know Matt Wagner and Russ Hartman of Warheadz, then you should already know that this night will be one for the ages! Show your support for Warheadz and Indie Horror as well as get to know one of the greatest in the Horror industry!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

"The Green Inferno" - Gore? or Lack there of....


This film was billed to follow the lineage of “Cannibal Holocaust” and other films of similar subject matter, while “The Green Inferno” does offer some gruesome scenes it does not really go over the top. The film effects were done really well and I can see how some people that have a weak stomach for horror in general to be a little squeamish to feel that this film was really grotesque!

“The Green Inferno” had a somewhat predictable storyline that cheapened film for some, I personally felt regardless of the storyline the film was done pretty well and did not exceed my expectations while not particularly falling short of my expectations either. I have had conversations with many people regarding my taste in horror films over the years and I always say that big budget films should produce a better quality product and they don’t… This would be the first review of a relatively large budget film that I have done in quite some time.

I chose this film because of the hype involved and I really wanted to tell my audience about this film in the most honest way that I can. I do believe Eli Roth can do better and he has with his films “Hostel” and “Cabin Fever”, he seemed to take it easy on the audience by not allowing himself to truly grab ahold of the terror that he could have portrayed in a situation such as this. Yes, there were some gruesome moments; however those moments could have escalated over the course of the film by making each situation grow more intense as the film moved on.

I do plan on viewing the film “Knock Knock” because much like “The Green Inferno”, it appears to have a really solid storyline and intense factor.  I am also really excited about Eli’s film “MEG” coming out in 2017 due to the fact that I have read Steve Alten’s book’s and really enjoyed them. I do want to hear what everyone has to say about “The Green Inferno”... 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lebanon Halloween Comic-Con - Lebanon, Missouri

On October 30th, at Freedom Comics in Lebanon, Missouri is hosting the first Comic-Con in the area. Hell, the first Comic-Con within 50-60 miles either direction of Lebanon ever! Here is the description from the event page! Tom H's Blog of Horror will be attending this event, not as a guest but as support to this awesome event! If you are a follower of Tom H's Blog of Horror and would like to come out please do so and support a local business! Please check out the event page and come and check it out! The event begins October 30th at noon! LEBANON COMIC-CON!

"We will be hosting the first Lebanon Comic-Con for Halloween. We will run Friday Night Magic for $5 entry each with prizes for the top 8, with the prize for first place valued over $100. There will be a costume contest on Saturday at 3 PM. There will be open tables for gaming on Saturday. Tickets will be $5 per person per day, or $7.50 for both days. Tables for vendors will be $30 for both days and $15 for artist spaces. Space and tables are limited so contact us to reserve your tables today. You may buy your tickets at our shop or with paypal. Other options to purchase tickets to be announced. Contact us if you wish to host or GM a game. Vendor/artist applications are now available. 

Email: or come by the shop to get your applications. We have just added a Mox Tournament on Saturday Oct 31 at noon for a Mox emerald which is graded. Spots with be $25 each and are limited.

We are proud to officially announce our special guest author Jae B. Wells, Artist Josh D Cullen, and local stores Shadow of the Nerd, CCYDNE, and Raven's Loft. We are waiting on finalization on 20+ vendors and at least another 6 artists at this time. As they secure their spots we will post them here.

Jae B. Wells
Josh Cullen

CCYDNE Hobbies
Epic Geekery Jewelry
Freedom Comics
Grove Gamer's Guild
Raven's Loft
Shadow of the Nerd
Squirrel's Nest Gaming"

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Real or Myth? - A review of "Valley of the Sasquatch"



John Portanova (Co-Writer of “The Invoking, 2013) went all in with his film “Valley of the Sasquatch”! This film did a pretty good job developing almost every character and bringing some reason for the whole scenario to be taking place. It surely beats throwing some teenagers in a car and having them get slaughtered because they wanted to party!

The cast did a really good job in this film, I liked all of the characters involved and that helped keep me interested and looking forward to watch everything unfold! I must be on a streak of luck because I have now found another film that I liked and I have not found a film in a while that I can say I did not like.

This film begins with a father and son relocating out to the mountains after losing pretty much everything; it is obvious that something is not right from the start.  Some visitors arrive and a plan to go hunting ends up taking a huge turn for the worst, there will be a fight for survival! The action sequences are really good and the Sasquatches were done very well! I was glad to see that it was not ridiculous and stupid looking like most films of this kind. John Portanova did an excellent job at writing this film and taking it the direction that he had, I do have one suggestion to John and some other film makers? CAN YOU STOP KILLING BILL OBERST JR.?

I recommend this film to the horror community as long as you do one thing, watch this film then go take a hike in a remote area of your town miles away from anyone. This film also raises a few questions, do Sasquatches live in groups or are they solo? Do they attack humans just because they want to? Why haven’t you liked this film yet on FACEBOOK?

Friday, September 11, 2015

A message from Tom H.

Over the past  four years I have had a great time, I have met some really good people and I speak to some of you regularly. I have had the privilege of watching some really good films and being trusted to write reviews on these films as if my opinion was important. I have hosted a rather large horror film festival (The Dead in Dixon, 2013) and did a screening of a great horror film (Nailbiter in 2014, A Nightmare After Dark). Both of those events were not huge successes financially, I did not do it for a big payday. I did it so I could gain more fans/followers so I could help promote Independent Horror Films on a larger scale.

It has become something I want to do full time; however it will always be about patience and strategy in order to get the results I want.  This year on October 16th, I will be part of another Independent Horror Film Screening with hopes that this will be the best one yet! I have the opportunity to have actual VIP guests come to the event and I want them to enjoy the event as much as I want the fans to enjoy the event. This year I will be hosting a screening of “Truth or Dare”, a film Directed by Jessica Cameron. With the help of the guys who own the venue Bombshells, this should be a very awesome start to what the future may hold for my blog as well as my ability to continue to promote Indie Horror Films!

I want to thank everyone that has supported me in my endeavor and I thank everyone that continues to share my posts and spread the word about the films that I am talking about. So what’s next? I am going to be directing my very first Short Film in the next few months called “Stranger in the Mirror”. It will be very low budget, however I have some friends that are very talented and we will put out the best product possible! If you would like me to do a review of your film, do an interview or share a project shoot me an email at . If you would like to know more about my short film “Stranger in the Mirror” you can email me as well.

Thank you,

Tom H.

Monday, September 7, 2015

"Dismembering Christmas" Directed by Austin Bosley - Move over "Silent Night, Deadly Night"... This is your replacement!

This film is about seven teenagers that travel to a lake house during the winter for Christmas vacation! What happens next will make them wish they had just stayed home!

 “Dismembering Christmas” directed by Austin Bosley has instantly become a film that I will include in my Christmas Horrorthon’s from now on! “Dismembering Christmas” took me back to the days when I was younger and watching “Silent Night Deadly Night” (1984). The story was pretty good and I was unsure what exactly was going to happen since there were several different angles that it could have gone.  That was exactly where we need to give some props to Kevin Sommerfield and Steve Goltz! A story that has you guessing and keeps you interested.

This film was not cluttered with unnecessary nudity and it did not have to capture the audience with nudity, now do I have objections about nudity.. Not at all! I feel that there are a lot of films that come out where they use nudity and sex in order to gain the attention of people to get views and most of those films have zero quality and no story and become boring pretty quick.. I value the story that is being told along with some uniqueness.. That is rare to find anymore.

There happened to be some difficulty with the audio, which to me is not a big deal with most of the films I review, I can handle some audio issues in order to see a really good film!

“Dismembering Christmas”  just added more credibility to indie horror film!

Starring: Nina Kova, Johnathon Krautkramer, Leah Wiseman, Baker Chase Powell, Danielle Doetsch, Austin Bosley, Jennifer Lenius, Shannon McInnis, Marla Van Lanen and Scott Seagren.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

From "Deadly Gamble" to "The Listing" - Mario Cerrito is going to revolutionize the Horror Genre!

“The Listing”is the 2nd film Directed by Mario Cerrito, his first being “DeadlyGamble”! “Deadly Gamble” was a great film that gave me an instant sense of appreciation for the work Mario has done. He and I met before he decided to shoot “Deadly Gamble” when he was working on a projected called “The Cornfield Massacre”! To show just how much this man loves film making, things fell through with a film called “The Cornfield Massacre” and he did not give up! He adjusted and was able to bounce back with “Deadly Gamble”!

Mario is now working on another feature film “The Listing”! “The Listing” is a suspenseful film about a “successful Realtor that is unexpectedly blackmailed with a harsh time restraint”- Plot from “The Listing” Facebook page. 

Bernard Glincosky and Julie Stackhouse- photo by Nick Belial
This film features Bernard Glincosky, which was also in “Deadly Gamble” and did an amazing job I might add! Glincosky brings some serious talent to the film as the Realtor, and adding that Julie Stackhouse plays the wife of the Realtor, John DiRenzo also another actor that did an awesome job in the film “Deadly Gamble” plays the role of John Carr and the very well-known and amazing Jessica Cameron joins the cast as Jenna!

I have a feeling Mario Cerrito is going to do nothing but impress us yet again and I hope that when he makes it big he remembers us little people down here!! 

Please visit “The Listing” fan page and give it a like and share it among your friends, you will not be disappointed and you will be doing a huge service to Mario and other indie film makers by spreading the word!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"The Bad Man" by Scott Schirmer - Please Support this film!

ScottSchirmer is BACK, coming off the heels of his last film “FOUND.”, Scott is Directing upcoming cut-throat horror film called “The Bad Man”! Why do I say cut-throat? Based on the information provided and what I have had the chance to read and watch about this film, it will be a film that pushes the limits and the film’s insurgent approach will make it almost a guaranteed hit amongst true horror fans! Anytime I hear that Redbox probably will not take the film due to the film’s content; I have to see it!!

Right now Scott and his crew are seeking some help funding the film and anyone that had the chance to see “Found.”, you already know that this film will be more than worth whatever you can help donate! If you have not seen “Found.”, I strongly urge you to do so and I believe you can find “Found.” On Hulu.

I have been going through a lot of films that are on Kickstarter or Indiegogo as well as other crowdfunding sites and I am only sharing the films that have a proven Director or crew, this is one of those films. Scott Schirmer will take every single dime and put it into this film and make it as amazing as only he can! So please check out this CAMPAIGN and donate what you can!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dante Tomaselli's "TORTURE CHAMBER" - Tom H. says bring it on!!


A shocking family portrait. A boy oozing blood and saliva, bound by ropes and handcuffs, imprisoned in an animal cage. A deeply religious mother who believes her son is controlled by the devil. A Catholic priest devoted to saving his family, who tries to cure his deranged younger brother – but 13-year-old Jimmy Morgan is possessed by an evil too powerful to be exorcised by any religion. After escaping from a mental institution, Jimmy is back with a vengeance – and an army of children who follow his every murderous desire. The town trembles in fear as the youths attack and abduct its residents – innocent and guilty alike – dragging their victims to an abandoned castle and subjecting them to grisly torments deep within its underground tunnels. Those who discover the terrible secret behind the disappearances and deaths don’t live long enough to tell it. The teacher, the doctor, even Jimmy’s own brother and mother, will all confront their fates in the Torture Chamber.

As I casually look through facebook and other websites to find really kick ass indie horror projects or completed films etc.. I find myself finding some really cool films that I would love to watch as well as review to help gather support for the film. I do this because I love helping others achieve their dreams as well as I get to enjoy seeing films from around the world that casual movie goers will never see due to the lack of attention brought to these films or even the fact that most people do not give indie films a chance due to unknown.

I just watched the trailer to “Torture Chamber” by Dante Tomaselli and yet again I feel like I have found a gem! The trailer on FACEBOOK felt like a late 70’s  80’s film vibe and I would put it up against any trailer that I have seen that grabbed my attention! I would like to believe that I have a pretty damn good eye for films just by it’s  trailer and synopsis, and this film is not going to be a let down! I will be seeking a chance to review this film and I will give you my thoughts as soon as I do!